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Q) How can I join you on a Sunday?
A) Please visit this link, sign up and receive our joining instructions.

Q) Which days does CCV work on?
A) CCV goes out every Sunday throughout the year come rain and sun. We do stop for a short period over Christmas.

Q) Where do you meet and at what time?
A) We collect all volunteers outside the Cardiff Central museum at 9:00am on a Sunday. Don’t turn up without phoning the leader in advance or we can’t guarantee you a space on the bus.

Q) What hours do you work?
A) We collect volunteers at 9:00am outside the Cardiff Central museum. We stop for lunch and aim to drop volunteers back at the museum between 4 and 5pm.

Q) What do I need to bring?
A) Please wear suitable clothing for working in that you don’t mind if they get muddy. We ask volunteers to brings sturdy footwear, preferably steel toe caps. No trainers or high heels please! Bring also food for lunch. (Biscuits and hot drink will be provided.)

Q) I’ve never done anything like this before, can I still join you?
A) Of course, we’ll show you everything you need to know.

Q) I want to come but I can only do the morning/afternoon/a few hours.
A) That’s fine but you’ll have to make your way to and from the site. You must arrange this with the task leader beforehand so they know who is on site and who isn’t.

Q) Can I meet you on site?
A) Yes, just phone the leader in advance so that they can expect you and let you know exactly where to meet. Some of our countryside project locations are off the beaten track!

Q) Can I bring my friend?
A) Yes, just make sure they are booked with the leader so we can keep them a space on the bus.

Q) I can’t make every Sunday, can I still help out?
A) Yes! There is no minimum commitment. You’ll be welcome at CCV if you come every Sunday or once every few months.

Q) What if I need to cancel my space?
A) No problem. However; please, PLEASE phone the leader to cancel your seat. It’s really frustrating when we turn away volunteers who try to book because we think there is no space on the bus only to find someone just didn’t show up in the morning.

Q) Where can I find out what tasks are coming up and find out what’s going in CCV?
A) You can get our latest programme of events by clicking here. You can also visit our Facebook page or Meetup site.

Q) Do I need to pay membership fees to join you?
A) No, you’re welcome to come out a few times to try CCV as a non-member. If you enjoy coming out we do ask that you become a full member. It’s only £10 per two years and you’ll receive our quarterly programme of events and newsletter.

Q) How do I become a paid member?
A) You can pay online by clicking here. You can post a cheque to Jenny Jones along with the membership form. Click here for the membership form. You can bring the form and money on Sunday with you and hand it to Tina or the task leader.

Q) Can I bring my children? / I’m younger than 18, can I come along?
A) Children below the age of 14 are not permitted since our work can involve sharp tools and fallings trees. Children from the ages of 14 to 17 may join us if a responsible adult is present; one adult per two children. Please see our age policy for more information.

Q) I’m from [insert company name] and we would like to do a team building day with you. Can you organise something for 20+ volunteers?
A) Tentatively yes. Be aware we do only work Sundays and can’t provide anything during the week. If your team is happy to work on a Sunday, please get in touch first so we can organise a task suitable for a large number. Most of our projects are suitable for small groups only and an extra 20 people would overload us.

Q) I’ve got a question that is not answered here.
A) Please send an email to

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